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I was having a great conversation with another local Realtor/agent the other day, when we paused and noticed how some of the other agents on her team often talked.

We overheard them referring to themselves as Real-a-tors – with 3 syllables. I never noticed before, but all of a sudden as we eavesdropped on their conversations, it seemed more pronounced than ever before!

We continued listening to this conversation to see if anyone would come to our rescue, but it seems this subtle mispronunciation went completely unnoticed… by a bunch of otherMN Realtors, no less!

So how IS Realtor pronounced???

In actuality, Realtor is just 2 syllables "Real" and "Tor" (sounds more like "real-ter" or "real-tor") like Doctor sounds like "doc-ter". But I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say doc-a-tor before though.

We giggled to ourselves and left the others blissfully-unaware – but wondering when or where this faux paus started? Maybe we’ll never know!

But here’s the real truth… you heard it here, folks.

(rē’əl-tər – rē’əl-tÔr)

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