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Instructions for using MLS search: Everyone has different needs and unique preferences when shopping for a home. Use this basic information to start your search and understand what options you may or may not want. The more specific you can be, the more accurate your search will be.

Be sure to save your search so you know what you’ve already looked at and what’s new the next time you’re browsing. This feature also allows you to log in anytime you like and view listings in real time so you know the most recent and most accurate information.

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Search Criteria & their specifics:

State: For our local MLS, you will need to choose whether you are looking in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

County: If you know what county you would like to search in, but not one specific city, choose that particular county and you will be shown all matching listings for the entire county.

Cities: If you know exactly which cities you would like to browse, enter as many or few as you prefer to be shown only those listings for your preferred cities. Expand your search by adding neighboring cities.

Property Type: you can check as many or few boxes as apply to you from the following choices:

  • Single Family Home – freestanding structure (sometimes referred to as a ‘detached home’) on a plot of land larger than the footprint of the structure. The single family home is not joined on any of its sides to another residence.

  • Condo/Townhouse – these are residences usually joined by one or more walls who generally share some common areas such as hallways, parking lots, elevators, laundry facilities, or other community spaces. There are also association dues related to the maintenance and upkeep of the common areas: the more common facilities, the more the association dues tend to be.

  • Duplex – essentially 2 homes sharing one wall, a duplex can either be a ‘side by side’ sharing a vertical wall, or an ‘up down’ meaning one unit is on top of the other. Duplexes can be ideal for multi-generational families or someone who wants some ‘extra’ income from the extra unit.

  • Multi Family – similar to duplexes, the multi family search includes duplexes AND 3 and 4-unit buildings in your specific area. They are still considered ‘residential’ for the purposes of your mortgage, and thus require less down payment money than 5 or more units will.

  • Lots/Acreage – this search is for land only, no structures (or ones that need to be torn down) will be on this search – great if you‘re planning to build your own home. Be mindful of any special needs as you’re searching such as if the lot has city sewer and water, any road frontage, any builder restrictions and if there is already access to public utilities such as electricity, gas, phone and cable.

  • Farm/Hobby – these are also primarily single family homes, but occasionally have more than one home on the land and/or outbuildings as well. Depending on your needs, your search will be most specific if you enter the minimum acreage needed.

  • Commercial – this is a broad category including buying existing businesses and/or the building(s) they occupy. This can include duplexes and other multi family, apartment buildings, retail, resorts, industrial/warehouse, offices and a host of other varieties.

Price Range: this is fairly straightforward. Enter your preferred price range (minimum and maximum), or if you’re not sure what you qualify for check with your favorite lender first.

Bedrooms: when entering your preferred number of bedrooms, keep in mind these will typically be not only bedrooms, but offices, work-out rooms, studios and other spaces that may be closed off by a door. Legally a bedroom should have a closet & a smoke detector (and be a certain square footage, etc.), but unfortunately when listings are posted, all bedroom-like rooms usually get included as a bedroom.

Bathrooms: when you select your preferred number of bathrooms it is only the number and does not speak to the size (full, ¾, ½, or ¼). So if you want a minimum of 1 ½ baths, you must select minimum of 2 bathrooms.

Built Before: some people prefer older homes or those built in a certain time period. Use this section to specify the what year and older you prefer for your home.

Built After: some people prefer newer homes or those built within a certain time period. Use this section to specify what year and newer you prefer for your home.

Minimum Square Feet: if you have a preference of what square footage you’d like, use this section to indicate it. A typical MN residence (no tiny bedrooms!) with a decent sized kitchen, living room and dining room I would expect to see at least 800 SF for a 2 bedroom, 1100 for a 3 bedroom, 1400 square feet for a 4 bedroom, etc. If any rooms are meant for infants, office space, etc., then smaller may work for you just fine.

Minimum Acreage: if you love gardening, picnics, have big dogs, or for any other reason would like a little land under your abode, select your minimum acreage here. Many people with youngsters in the house prefer at least ¼ acre, leaving plenty of space for toys and a swing set.

Garage/Carport: especially in MN, many people prefer to have at least one covered parking spot. Enter your minimum number of spaces preferred here.

Style: people often have a style preference, especially for single family homes based on what they’re familiar with and certain lifestyle needs. Some choices for single family will be: one story, one ½ stories, 2 story, modified 2 story, more than 2 story, split level, three level split, or four or more level split.

Amenities: choose which amenities you prefer, if any. This will limit your search to only listings with those features.

*Lastly, if your search comes up with too many listings to sift through, consider narrowing your search by getting more specific. This can be done by listing specific cities (rather than just the county) or even narrowing your price range, or increasing the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or garage spaces you prefer. If your search is finding TOO FEW listings, consider broadening the search criteria: add more cities, larger price range, etc.

..And don’t forget to save your search!

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