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Edina real estate is popular with current residents, as well as newcomers to the Twin Cities alike. Edina homes are well known for their ability to maintain value, but also as an outstanding community to live in. Edina is a well run and managed city with an abundance of parks and an outstanding school system, known best for its superior academia, but also sports and its championship hockey team.

Edina MN real estate is considered a first ring suburb, meaning parts of it come directly in contact with the city of Minneapolis. What’s unique about the Edina property is it has two downtowns, rather than one. It has the city planned geographic and business downtown of the 50th and France area, rather centrally located. But, in 1956 when the mall Southdale was built, an entirely new business and retail district emerged giving each item its second downtown Mecca. The first indoor mall in the country was now born. It brought to revenue from all over and helped bolster blooming retailers as well as the value of Edina houses, Edina townhomes and Edina condos.

All Edina real estate is located immediately west southwest of the city of Minneapolis and originally started in the 1860’s as a small farming and milling community as families claimed land and settled along the Minnehaha Creek. It’s also highly accessible by highway via East-West running Interstate 494 and Highway 62 (Crosstown), as well as north-south running Highway 100 and Hwy 169.

Edina has a reputation of being one of Minneapolis’ wealthier communities by average and median incomes, which is why many of the Edina’s schools sports rivals refer to them as "Cake Eaters". It has recently been noted that 100% of Edina MN students graduate and 96% go on to college, making Edina school system sought-after for its academia, where it has historically ranked always in the top 100 schools in the nation. Edina is also in the top 10 in sports (number 8 in Sports Illustrated review of over 30,000 schools), top 15 in debate, top 40 in music, national awards in writing and so on. You can easily see why Edina MN real estate has earned its reputation!

To purchase your own Edina Minnesota real estate, and to search all Edina homes for sale, simply log onto the Edina MLS. Here you can view all active Edina listings. Keep in mind not to confuse Edina Realty the company with actual Edina realty the commodity. Edina MN homes may be for sale from any realtors, not just Edina realtors. Search your preference, Edina homes, Edina townhomes or Edina condos by entering your minimum requirements for price, square footage and number of bedrooms/baths. All current Edina homes for sale in that range will appear for you to shop from.

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