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The city of Greenfield is geographically located in the west northwest part of Hennepin County and its western border follows along the Crow River just before it pours into the Mississippi. It is an average sized city of 21.5 square miles and not terribly densely populated with 2,777 residents as of the 2010 census. Primary access to this city is via northwest to southeast running Minnesota State Highway 55 which was widened almost 10 years ago to have two lanes in each direction most of the way into the Minneapolis metro area, making the commute easier for Greenfield residents.

Greenfield homes are also a bit more spread out than the typical MSP suburb with farmland and other sprawling acreage still abundantly available. As such Greenfield condos are practically unheard of and Greenfield townhomes are few and far between. There are two main townhome developments and they are right on top of each other and difficult to tell apart. These developments popped up in response to residents looking for lower priced, lower maintenance options, but still sufficiently far from the big city. Kettering Creek Townhomes and Fox Creek Estates responded to that demand and created two, three, and four bedroom townhouses starting in 2004. More units were completed in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 despite the decline in demand. This limited zoning allowed Greenfield townhomes to be built adjacent to the business district in town.

Most Greenfield homes are long-term owners, however, that were not that drastically effected by market fluctuations. The city is known for its extensive rambling lawns, long driveways and luxury homes with meticulous landscaping. The countryside is relatively flat and dappled with ponds, lakes, creeks and streams, and a strong community has been anchored there, much since the mid 90’s when there was a soft spike in increase in residential populations. Percentage wise, the majority of the city is still zoned for agricultural and agricultural preserving, with only limited zoning for industrial and general business purposes near the Rockford city limits.

One thing Greenfield residents love, but the public rarely hears about are their lovely parks. Lake Rebecca Regional Park Reserves and Lake Sarah Regional Park are among the loveliest around. Both are located in the southwest corner of the city and are not limited to city borders. They are owned and operated by the Three Rivers Park District, this 2,200 acres of nature is, simply put, stunning. Lake Sarah Park is still undeveloped, but Lake Rebecca Park is a highly popular water recreation area.

Park facilities include a mountain bike trail, hiking trails, horseback riding trails, dog trails, snowmobile trails, beach, boat launch, picnic areas, play areas, geocaching, boat rental and a fishing pier. There is also a dog park where they may be off their leash and run freely. Nearby Lake Sarah Park has a 40 acre off-the-leash dog area, a daily or annual pass is required. A daily pass is $5; an annual pass is $30 and covers all people and dogs in one household.

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