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Maple Grove is a city in the northwest corner of the Twin Cities area. If one considers that anything inside the 494/694 ring to be “city”, and has it’s southeastern corner inside the city and the rest outside. Both highways 694 and 494 merge inside this city and dump onto Highway 94 leading away from the cities towards St. Cloud and beyond.

This is also an area of town that has experienced extreme population explosions in the last 20 years. With that has come an enormous retail mecca right at the intersection of highways 94, 494, and 694. Following the north side of the highway this area contains just about any type of retail you can imagine, plus an abundance of restaurants and other entertainment as well as a large transit center for people who may prefer to park their and ride public transportation downtown to work etc.

This city has, in recent history, also been referred to as “the new Edina” because of its tendency to attract many upper-middle-class residents to the area. One of the nicest features attracting these residents, is it’s abundance of beautiful lakes and wildlife. Besides the well known large lakes: Mud Lake, Rice Lake, Weaver Lake, Fish Lake, Cedar Island Lake, and Eagle Lake, there are numerous smaller lakes and ponds around which communities are built.

Maple Grove’s population is estimated at around 62,000 with its first inhabitants, the Winnebago Indians, occupying this area until approximately the 1850s. It received its name, because of its large number of Maple trees, which also caused it to be a resource for an abundance of Maple syrup for the area.

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