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If you’re looking for a condominium in Minneapolis, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Most condos for sale in Minneapolis are listed in the Minnesota MLS. It will contain any current active listings. Start by specifying any preferences, you may have for your new Minneapolis condominium.

If you are looking for downtown Minneapolis condos, you will mostly be choosing from high-rises or warehouse style living. If you don’t want to live right downtown but want to stay inside the city of Minneapolis, there will also be lowrises, manors/villas and converted mansions to choose from. These last three selections typically have fewer units per building, hence fewer neighbors. The high-rise condos, more typical of downtown Minneapolis tend to have either underground parking or an attached ramp and one or more spaces assigned to the condominium, you purchase. Also typical of the downtown Minneapolis condos are a front (public) entrance, and usually a rear (loading) entrance for when you are moving in or out or carrying heavy loads. Downtown Minneapolis condos also tend to be taller, as do most buildings in any downtown Metro area where space is limited, therefore, construction goes up where it cannot go out.

Minneapolis is bordered on the east by sister city, St. Paul. But in between downtown Minneapolis and the city of St. Paul is an area abundant with condos, mostly low rises and primarily student housing for the University of Minnesota, which is located there. Minneapolis condos directly south and west of the downtown area are of all different ages. These neighborhoods were primarily built up in the 19 teens and 1920s, but this was a time when houses were more popular than condos. So in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s, many of the leftover land turned into condos, and huge homes now turned into multiunit condo buildings. These Minneapolis condominiums tend to have a very community-oriented feel as there are fewer units and you tend to know all, or most of, your neighbors.

Due West of the downtown area is actually called North Minneapolis, although it’s located directly between downtown Minneapolis and the city of Golden Valley. North Minneapolis condos for sale are more of a rarity, as most of this area is either single family homes or apartments buildings, very few condominiums. The area north of North Minneapolis, which is still inside the city of Minneapolis, is called Camden. Camden has a similar demographics to North Minneapolis, and similarly few condominiums. The area that is actually directly north of downtown is called Northeast Minneapolis. These Minneapolis condominiums are a bit more abundant. There are condos in northeast Minneapolis, built in 1800s, and others as new as this year. It is a truly mixed area of Minneapolis.

So when you are searching for your new condominium in Minneapolis, bear in mind these different areas and demographics. Also consider what part of the city of Minneapolis, you will be working in, shopping and, or otherwise visiting. Many Minneapolis condominiums have sprung up in the last 10 years with the addition of the light rail. These condo buildings in Minneapolis tend to be located near or along Highway 55 headed north into downtown Minneapolis and South to the Mall of America, and MSP International Airport. There is also a sophisticated, Metro transit system so that any condo in Minneapolis is never more than a couple blocks from bus line. So wherever you’re new condo in Minneapolis is located, you’ll have quick and easy access to public transportation.

Remember when you are shopping for your Minneapolis condo, ask your agent about any bylaws or special needs you may have. Every Minneapolis, Minnesota condominium will each have an individual set of rules and amenities. Also, all Minneapolis condominium buildings will have a different Association fee, reflecting how many or how few amenities the building has. Also, if you have pets, make your agent aware so that he or she can shop for the appropriate condominiums for you.

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