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Robbinsdale is an inner ring (or first ring) suburb, connected on its east side directly to the city of Minneapolis. It had a reputation some years ago of being higher crime, but the city reacted quickly to these rumors, stepping up police and community actions.

Today it has the opposite reputation, that of being a city where residents take pride of ownership and also have a longer average residency compared to some of its neighboring cities.

This is also a city whose property values have remained rather constant, and despite what some people refer to as the recent “real estate bubble” popping, the average home prices here have remained steady in those that were not foreclosures.

Although this city is not one of the larger cities in Hennepin County at only 3 square miles, it is primarily residential containing over 14,000 inhabitants. Robbinsdale also has approximately .2 square miles (or .5 square kilometer) of water, primarily made up of South Twin Lake and Crystal Lake, historically renowned for its duck hunting. The city itself is over 100 years old, founded in 1893. Despite its somewhat urban location, it maintains that “small town” feel. It is also the residence of the nations oldest continuously active marching band!

Robbinsdale is also home to North Memorial Medical Center, one of the states Level 1 Trauma Center’s where it also operates “AirCare”, an air medical transport service.

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